What is a Marketing Objective

Marketing Objective

A Marketing Objective is the purpose of a business at a macro level dealt with its direction and goal. There is a distinct difference between the direction and the goal.

For direction, it is the visual state of how your business is being view for its existence.  It is emotional and intangible. What could this be?

Why need Marketing Objective?

Why do you need a Marketing Objective? Well, your company is in an emotional state when consumers on the street talks about your company in their own perspective. It could be something like “ so and so company quality sucks” ( negative emotion ), or “that company product save my hours of work during a black out” ( positive emotion). Your have attain somewhat your Marketing Objective that is to attached an emotion image with your customer

marketing objectiveIn layman term, a Marketing Objective is to get people talk about you. Whether it is positive or negative emotion, the fact that people talked about it have created an attachment in them and hopeful it is a positive emotional attachment. All these emotional perspectives if repeated many times  builds an image with the consumers and some company interpret this as a “Brand Image” and some called it “Buying Experience”. Whichever you call it, the objective of Marketing is to create a position emotional experience in within the consumers such that they will always make your company as the first preference for product or services.

Marketing Objective is measured by a Goal

For you business to grow with revenue and profit, you need a positive brand image so that consumer look forward to do business with you. Hence your sales revenue growths. Therefore, besides building a positive “Brand Image”, you need to establish a Marketing Goal. This goal must represents the highest level of measurement in the company. For a business, the ultimate goal is profitability. There is no sense to be the best or achieve an excellence award without attaining profitability in  long term. You cannot survive for long without profit in your business.

In conclusion, a Marketing Plan, and the primary Marketing Objectives are firstly to set a direction to build a positive brand image and secondly to attain “profitability of x amount“. The marketing objective is one of the the four key components in a  Marketing Plan Template

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