Marketing is a Key Strategy for any Business Plan

Marketing is a Key Strategy for any Business Plan

One of the key strategies / Key action for any business plan is to enhance its Marketing Initiatives. Traditionally, Marketing is focus on the 4 Ps – Namely:-

Product / Price / Place / Promotion

PLACE: Depending on your business, the more people know you, the better it is. therefore, the key to an effective marketing is to REACH OUT to as many people as you can.

Of course there are many ways to reach out to people but which is the most effective yet low cost method? One very effective method is the DIGITAL MARKETING

What is Digital Marketing

It is   New Way of Marketing your business to the market place. The strategies in Digital Marketing includes:-

  • Internet Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • eMarketing
  • Niche Marketing


Why Digital Marketing

  1. Your competitors are not doing it ( YET )
  2. A low cost long term Marketing Channel
  3. Add Value to your prospect or customer
  4. Technology Driven – speed is the most important factor
  5. Unlimited 24/7 exposure to mass media at no extra cost


What do you need to do an effective Digital Marketing

You need a highly exposed Website  that are :-

- High ranked in Google, Yahoo and MSN etc

- Provide Value Add to visitor / customers

Why KIS Consulting can assist you to rank high your website-

  • We use legitimate methods to rank websites that stay at high ranking
  • Our proven track records – see attached page


Proven Records – Try do a google search on the following keywords and you will find my client’s and my own websites listed in google page 1 :-

  1. “management style” and you will find my website 
  2. “swot analysis template” to find my website 
  3. “marketing plan template” to find my website
  4. “total quality management” to find my website
  5. “fashion design sketches” to find my website
  6. “golf holiday algarve” to find my website
  7. “prom flowers” to find my website
  8. “baldrige criteria” to find my website
  9. “oak dressers” to find my website
  10. “piano lesson seremban” to find my client’s website 
  11. “cctv installation” to find my client’s website 
  12. “what is good customer service: to find my client’s website

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