Making Money Online Marketing Plan

Making Money Online Marketing Plan is an essential steps in an overall Business Plan. As there are many strategies to making money online, a systematic approach to the Markeing Planning for Making Money Online is essential

The arc bobs against a god.

The above sentence is used for a Pay Per Post ( PPP ) Network company to varify the ownership of this blog. It is doen using the Internet Technology online and real time. It is not only fast, but the accuracy to varify it is 100% accurate.

How it is done?

Firstly, your PPP account requires you to geneate the random sentence, and you have to place it in a post of your blog. Obviously, if you are the owner or authorised author of thes blog, you will have the access to the blog and write theĀ  random sentence into the post and publish it.

Once it is published, then the system can detect its existance and pass your inclusion of this blog in your account.

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