How to start a business in South Africa

If you are to expand your marketing into South Africa as part of a Marketing Planning, there are several protocol to follow. As different country has their own legislation requirement, understand them has advantage in the long term.

If you are thinking of getting your market in South Africa via a distributor or trading house, then you only need to work on the distribution agreement. The agreement should include the rights and obligation of the distributor in your sales coverage geographical boundary, rights of product ownership, pricing policy, product warranty, product delivery, after sales service and payment terms.

You may think that doing business in South Africa is as simple as appointment of a third party via a legal entity, then you are too inexperience in doing business abroad. There are many factors you have to consider in order for you to grow your business with a distributor. Firstly, you have to consider the geographical areas of South Africa, its political and economic situation, competitive and market environment and social needs. All these factors are cover in a proper PEST Analysis in a Marketing Planning process .
As you are to venture into a country of unknown to you, you ought to prepare to take certain risk. Be it the risk of start up problem, credit control or even your won reputations. The more risk it may have, the more detail planning you need to do. Unfortunately, taking short cuts only plan for disasters

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