Do you need a Business Plan

What is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a form of document that outline important components about a business. Sometimes, it is referred to a Budget Plan. As the name denoted, a Business Plan may include information such as Financial, Business Direction, Operation Strategies and their respective key performance Indicators.

Why do you need a Business Plan?

Why do you need a Business Plan? Simple, things will not happen by itself, you need a Business Plan to include a series of activities before it can be shown in the expected result. A business plan provides a proper guidance to you for implementation include target and timeline. There are people who take action on seem to be important action in the Business but due to lack of transparency, there are cases when thing did not worked out as expected. Worst of all is that other people don;t seem to put their hand to help as it is not clear what need to be done.

Since the unclear action was not documented, there tends to divide the effort of a team to meet a business plan. Worst of all, certain people like to jump into certain action and neglected its implication to other department. A clearly prepared Business Plan can eliminate all the doubtful item and ensure clarity.

What they did was to think through what are the activities that must take place in order to get into the end result. And they even think the time needed to do those activities. The process of thinking through the activities and time needed, when put all together is call a Business Plan.

Do you need a Business Plan

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By the above scenario, when there are a series of activities needed to happen, and it takes up time and money, you need to line up all those activities in order to have a clear understand. And the sequence of activities are clearly defined, with the help of a business plan. Of course, when it deal more complex business, then you need a consolidated business plan which include a report content reflect the financial outcome of the activities and overall financial performance indicators.

What happen if you don’t have a business plan? Well, it still work but there may be many adhoc activities happen in between and you are caught by surprises and ended up make spending a lot of time to make correction or service recovery. When you have too many adhoc activities, you may run out of steam after sometime and become less effective.

As such, a well thought of business plan is a good methodology to make you more effective.

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