A Marketing Report

What is a Marketing Report

A marketing report is a document to capture all the research work about the market you have done over days, months even years. The public, your boss or your staffs may read this marketing report for various reasons and it is important that your message can put across to them within this written the report. Bear in mind that you may not have a chance to explain to anyone who reads it. Therefore, the quality of a reports is the only option you have for you to pass your massage across. Your understand of a quality report plays a vital role in satisfying the reader. See Marketing Report examples

Quality of a Marketing Report

Quality of a Marketing Report -  In this aspect, it is not referred to how fancy is the report booklet, the type of layout, etc.  No doubt these attributes has an influence to the reader judgment, it is not the key focus. Like I mentioned, the main objective of a report is for the reader to understand what you want to tell them. so, there must be something you can adopt and apply in your report writing.

Structure of a Marketing Report

marketing reportA good Marketing report has a structure that covers the essential information in it. The challenge is for you to identify what are those essential information to be included in the report such that it meet the audience expectations. Below are some essentials in a Marketing Report writing:-

1)  Report Layout -  As long as it is a decent layout, your report will attract reader. You should not use any fancy layout for a business report not a plain layout for a game report. You should research into various layout for different purposes. For a Marketing Report, it is basically a business document hence should use a layout that look profession and “corporate” .  The common used corporate layout is normally white background and black font with font size 10 or 12 and font type “Arial”, “Times New Roman”. Sometimes you may like to use different font for certain part of the report example heading, you should limit the font type to 2 in the whole marketing Report. It should used a regular official document paper size example “A4” or “letter size”

Marketing Report Content – This is the heart of your marketing report. All your market research work should be written on this section. Marketing activities should be included at the appropriate section. The content must be clear and concise without typo error.Some of the essential content shall include the Marketing Objective and Marketing Strategy

Depending on the work culture, grammar error is tolerable to some extend.More illustration of Marketing Report Content in my next article.

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